Professional Keratin Coconut Smelling Without Formalin 120ml Magic Master Keratin Hair Treatment Purifying Shampoo Argan Oil Set


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  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • NET WT: 120ml 120ml 10ml
  • Model Number: MMK
  • Quantity: 3pcs
  • Ingredient: hydrolyzed keratin
  • Item Type: Hair & Scalp Treatment
  • Type: Cream
  • Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China (Mainland)
  • Grade: Superior hydrolyzed keratin
  • Volume (ML): 120ml 120ml
  • Use: Care for hair
  • Main ingredient: hydrolyzed keratin
  • Feature: Smooth,hair straightening
  • Product Name: Magic Master Keratin
  • odor: Coconut
  • Free Shipping: Some countries support
  • Foaming Action: Repair damaged hair & straighten hair

Professional Great Coconut Smelling Without Formalin 120ml Magic Master Keratin Hair Treatment+Purifying Shampoo+Argan Oil Set


The price include :

One piece 120ml Organica Purifying Shampoo

One piece 120ml Organica Magic Master Keratin

One piece 10ml   Argan Oil






1.Wash the hair twice with Magic Master Purifying shampoo

2.Towel Dry.

3.Blow dry 80% with cold air.

4.Apply Magic Master Keratin strand to strand spreading with a comb.

5.Let it work.(Blonde hair for 25 min.Any other for 50 min).

6.In case of virgin hair,after the 50 min,warm it with a blow drier.

7.Rinse it for fully.

8.Get the blow drier and flat iron in strands at least 15 times.

9.For better results in weak,blond or colored hair get moisturize before the blow-drying and do not use the flat iron above 390 degrees.



(1)Do NOT USE clips,place your hair behind your ears or pull it up in a pony tail during the set hours.

(2)Gloves should be worn for this application.



(1)For professional use only.

(2)keep out of reach of children

(3)For external use only;avoid contact with eyes and skin.

(4)If contact occurs,flush eyes with warm water.

(5)Do not use on people with sensitive,irritated,or abraded scalp.

How to choose keratin: 

1. Choose the kreatin follow where you are from ?

If you are in the Asian,  middle East,  European,  Russian, please choose keratin 5% formalin or keratin 8 % formalin

If you are in Africa,  South American,  please choose keratin keratin 8% formalin , or keratin 12% formalin


2.  What level of curly and damage of your hair ? 

Formaldehyde free for the lightest damage solution, and then is 5% / 8% / 12% formalin

For little curly hair ( Formaldehyde free )  — a little damaged

For normal curly hair ( 5% formalin )–some damaged

For deep curly hair ( 8% formalin ) –more damaged

For very curly hair ( 12% formalin ) –damaged a lot



1.  If your hair is natural curly , please choose the 8% or 12% formalin keratin

2.   If  you hair is golden, please do not choose keratin Formaldehyde free, or it will change hair color to orange,  please choose keratin 5% formalin or any other keratin.


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